The Scythians

The Skythen is an example of sophisticated, exclusive craftsmanship and dedication. The Skythen is a life's work.

Master Franz N. & Franz S. have created an intersection between the millennia from a long gun through their love of detail.

The fine engravings and countless details focus the viewer's gaze. The constant battle between good and evil is visible in the animal-style engravings. The lifetime, the ideas & sketches, the countless discussions about the final design of the details are reflected in the Skythen.

This masterpiece is the link between Scythian gold and today. The Scythian represents the link between the millennia and testifies to an infinite dedication to perfection. In this way, the time invested becomes relative to the result, as time never played a role in the creation of the Scythian.

Life's work

The Scythians

"The true art of living is to see the miraculous in the ordinary.
Turning raw steel into a true piece of jewelry is a magical moment for me."

Thomas Schurian