Knife making courses & team building

Every company is as good as its employees. An unforgettable two-day team-building seminar in our knifemaking workshop creates lasting value.


Chef "Live - Love - Eat"

Mr. Wolfgang Puck, who comes from Carinthia and lives in California, is the owner of a chef's knife from Exklusiv Schurian. Mr. Puck has over 70 restaurants in the USA, ranging from upscale fast food restaurants to cafés and gourmet restaurants. 

Steel: DLC
Handle: pinus
Engraver: Gold inlaywork with diamonds

Blade: Torsion Damascus
Handle: Mammoth molar
Production: Fully integral
Working time: 25 h


Capricorn Edition

The knife steel used here is a powder-metallurgical Damascus. The flat inlaid fine gold and intricate, fine bulino animal pieces make the magnificent arabesques and the foliage on the back of the knife stand out in great detail.

Blade: Damascus steel Heimskringla
Handle: Birch root
Manufacturing: Fully integral
Working hours: 240 h

"The true art of living is to see the miraculous in the ordinary.
Turning raw steel into a true piece of jewelry is a magical moment for me."

Thomas Schurian


The challenge awaits

It is nice to own a special knife, but it is a challenge to make an exclusive chef's knife yourself. We combine an old tradition with new knowledge.


Quality that endures

Our steak knives must meet the requirements of a real steak.               

They must cut perfectly, be easy to peel and fit well in the hand. Our knives are available individually or as a set. Blade steel and handle material are configured according to customer requirements. 

Also available with matching forks on request.

Blade: N685, N690, M390 or Damascus
Blade length: 115 mm
Handle: as desired

Mono steel price:
Set price for 6 pieces 1,140 EUR
Individual price 380 EUR

Price Damascus steel:
On request


The Jagdkaiser is made from a single piece of steel (exmesch evolution or stainless Damascus) from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.

The knife is therefore gap-free, extremely robust and retains its original appearance. The special alloy of the exmesch evolution provides exceptional edge retention and high corrosion resistance. The fine pins in combination with the stabilized burl wood are an absolute eye-catcher for every knife lover.


Steel exmesch 980 EUR
Stainless Damascus (in various patterns) from EUR 2,480


Let music resound

The mysticism of the Valkyrie warriors has been vividly depicted on this knife in fine gold, silver and platinum, engraved by master craftsmen. The story of these Celtic deities was told by Richard Wagner in the "Ride of the Valkyries". The musical notes of this timeless work of art can be found on the back of the gentleman's folder.

The micro QR code allows this world-famous orchestral act to be played at any time. Emotional audio sounds such as a child's first heartbeat or the last words of a loved one and much more can also be immortalized.

The flip mechanism for opening the Gentleman Folder is both very light and very stable.

Blade: M 390
Handle material: engraving steel
Engraving: plastic full engraving, gold, fine silver and platinum
Working hours: 240 h

"As a knifemaker and passionate hunter, I attach great importance to the distinctiveness and high quality of my knives. "

Thomas Schurian


The Jagdherr offers an optimum balance of practicality and beauty. The flat design offers enough stability for hunting and everyday use.

With a hardness of approx. 60 HRC, Böhler N690 is very robust, absolutely rustproof and extremely sharp.

Steel (N690, N540, M390 etc.) from EUR 580
Stainless Damascus (in various patterns) from EUR 780