The king of the hunt

The Jagdkönig is the first hunting rifle to combine the handling and lightness of a stalking rifle with an accurate shot pattern. The stable manufacture is reflected in the high precision and breech strength. 

Its high precision, light weight and design make the Jagdkönig a faithful companion for any hunting ground. From daintily built to the most powerful calibres, we will be happy to customize your Jagdkönig.

You are welcome to help determine the appearance of the King of the Hunt.

  • Caliber freely selectable .222 Rem to 4.70 Nitro Express 
  • choose your shaft nut classes colors, contrast, stabilized Swiss stone pine, bog Swiss stone pine, bog oak, 
  • Muzzle thread for silencers or muzzle brakes
  • Standard mounting: Repeatable removable saddle mounting
  • Allows changing of scope without set shot
  • Storage space in the buttstock suitable for BoreSnake, muzzle cap or customizable stock
  • Direct haul-off or back-stitching
  • Special Schurian Alpha shaft shape for comfortable stop geometry
  • from various exclusive regional woods, individual requests, walnut root woods to Swiss stone pine woods e.g. Swiss stone pine, bog oak, walnut and much more.
  • BoreSnake cleaning cord integrated in the shaft

The exclusive hunting weapon in the form shown here weighs less than 3 kg. The weight may vary depending on the type of wood used. 

No customer wish remains unfulfilled and special requests are installed according to your taste. How about a GPS tracker for your hunting rifle?

Precision & craftsmanship

King of the hunt

The Jagdkönig impresses with its precision and safe handling.

"The true art of living is to see the miraculous in the ordinary.
Turning raw steel into a true piece of jewelry is a magical moment for me."

Thomas Schurian